Rainy weekend ahead

So a previously lovely and normal weekend forecast has taken a turn for the soggy as a massive system is rolling in from the Gulf of Mexico with intentions of drowning half the state with 3 to 6 inches of rain. What to do??

storm map
Actual weather map for Friday @ 5pm

Well, there’s the movies (plan to drop some serious money to sit in a super crowded theater). You could go to the mall (gag). The popular museums will be PACKED with bored families that can’t think of anything else to do (yaay). IKEA should be nice and congested on a rainy Saturday. There’s Walmart…(ummm…nope…). What to do? What to do??

If you have a creative bug, there are several events going on for folks that enjoy making art!

First off, this weekend is the Florida Watercolor Society’s annual convention which is being held this year at the Hilton Garden in off I-95 in Deerfield Beach.


Then there’s the grand opening of Blick Art supplies in Fort Lauderdale. Should be LOTS of freebies, promotional deals, AND…FREE classes and demonstrations by professional artists ALL WEEK LONG!


If your still in the mood for some nature, I recently tried something really interesting that embraced the rain. I was driving through the Everglades and pulled off down a side road, and pulled up to a small shelter. I got out and stood under the shelter and just listened to the rain. The longer I listened the more I heard. Most people “see” the Everglades, but don’t really “hear” them. The birds, frogs, grasses, raindrops, and occasional thunder sound like a wild symphony. So I decided to record a little bit of the magic using my phone’s voice recorder app. After the fact I listen to the sound clip whenever I need to unwind a little and it takes me to a special place where all there is to think about is the rain.

Heavy afternoon storm rolling in over the Everglades
Heavy afternoon storm rolling in over the Everglades

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